These are photos taken while camping in the White Mountains, NH August 1999.

Photographed with an Olympus C-2000 digital camera.

Click on each photo to open a 2nd window with an 800x600 version of the photo ( or resized if your screen is smaller). Click on large image to close the new Window


Click for larger imageCrawford Notch, NH, about 5 miles from our campsite

Those hills rise 1500-2000 feet above their base.

I wonder why my cellphone didn't work well...


Click for larger image Silver Cascade in Crawford Notch.

To get a perspective of the height, look carefully for the person stepping across the gap near the center of the large photo.

Click for larger image

Upper Ammonoosec Falls near the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

That flat ledge next to the foaming pool is about 25' above the pool. The pool is about 30' deep and almost a perfect circle from the rotating water.

It's a favorite spot for kids to jump from the ledge into the pool on a hot day!


Click for larger imageA fallen log with moss and fungi, a common sight.


Click for larger imageThis is another pretty shot, again common. Moss on a fallen tree with foliage beginning to turn color in mid August!

That's a white birch to the left and a yellow birch behind the fallen log.


Click for larger imageCoral fungi, moss, lichens, twigs...

It amazes me how many folks can walk through a forest and miss the beauty!


© 1999 Gerald Goodrich