Gluing and Custom Design from Dean Tuinstra

If you want to turn your Aircore into an absolute indestructible tank, don't use the contact cement, but use a straight pin and poke a small hole in each corrugation along the glue area. Then assemble using 5-minute epoxy! The epoxy will run into the pin holes, and create little rivets!

I am a big Aircore fan! Last summer, I noticed that a Pepsi sign at the local Wal-mart store looked just like the Aircore plastic! A friend (Collin McGinnis) and I made some phone calls, and found out that it is called Coroplast, and is made for sign board, and comes in 4' x 8' sheets, in just about any color, for @ $7.00 a sheet!

We are combat fliers, and decided to try and design a cheap tough plane. We decided to combine the best of Aircore, and Dura-Plane, and use a PVC gutter pipe fuselage. We found out that the gutter pipe only costs @ $6.00 for 10' of it! While at the building supply store, we noticed that yardsticks were free, so that's what we used for the wing spar!

To make a long story short, the plane flew better than we ever could have imagined, and everyone at the field wanted plans!

Soon we had a web site, and several different designs. The beauty of these materials is that you can turn an idea into an airplane in several hours! To date we have built over 30 "Spads" and the best we have chosen to write plans and instructions for.

Much to our surprise, the finished weight is about the same as a comparable balsa plane, and flight performance incredible! The Dart flies in excess of 100 mph, and out maneuvers most other combat planes. The V-tail makes it almost spin proof!

Can you tell, I love to talk airplanes! I guess I could say I have another good tip! If you ever need replacement parts for your Aircore, don't pay the big price for "factory" parts, call around to sign supply or plastic products warehouses for Coroplast, and make your own!


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