Assembly tips from Gary Crooks

Cutting Flutes: A sewing SEAM RIPPER tool works well.  Practice on some scrap material to get the "feel" of the tool before cutting any die-cut pieces.

Wing Scores:   Using a yardstick as a guide, running the "rounded edge" roller of a SCREEN TOOL over the scores prior to break-in bending, makes the task a little easier.

A little one inch wide WALLPAPER ROLLER will aid in creasing the scores over the edge of a table.

Wing Top Foldover Technique:   Place 2 pieces of foam insulation for 1/2 inch pipe (the length of the wing panel) side by side between the wood spar and leading edge.  Trial fold the panel over these several times to "exercise" the plastic.  Leaving ONE piece in place on the final glue fold (to the spar top) will provide a "filler" to help form the top rounded leading edge, and can be pulled out after the glue sets.

If CA or epoxy glue was used along the spar top, add weights to insure complete contact while the glue cures. The trailing edges can be aligned and glued at a later time. Leave the foam tube in the leading edge untilthe trailing edge glue has cured.

Gary Crooks

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