US Aircore planes are described as "40" class aircraft by the manufacturer. They are larger than most 40 planes and need a solid engine to fly well.

Several shops offer these planes with a bronze bearing 40, all of these engines seriously under power the craft and you will be lucky if you don't crash on takeoff.

Get a solid ball bearing 40 or better yet, a good 46 - it makes all the difference in the world. The best I have ever used ar OS 46 FX engines.

Some folks have had good results modifying the PC and installing a light 60 engine such as an OS 60 FP or a K&B 65.



Obviously the prop must be matched to the engine. There is only one unique factor to consider. There are some very good props out there such as APCs. The problem with APC props in this application is that they are too strong! The power cartridge may break before the prop.

Consider wood props for no-compromise flying or weaker glass filled props. They break before the PC.

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