Compaq and Employee Benefit Plans
Compaq's termination of disabled employees and slashing these employee's financial and health care security


"Dear Disabled Employee"

"Dear Disabled Employee" II


The "transition obligation"

Plan Details

The Disclaimer


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The Disclaimer

Very near the end of a lengthy 12 chapter employee benefit manual, the disclaimer appears.


Page 12.9

Future of the plans

Digital intends to continue the:

· John Hancock Medical Plan.

· Dental Assistance Plan.

· Health Maintenance Organization options.

· Accident and Sickness Plan.

· Salary Continuation Plan.

· Long-Term Disability Plan.

· Pension Plan.

· SAVE Plan.

· Basic Life Insurance Plan.

· Optional Life Insurance Plan.

· Dependent Life Insurance Plan.

· Business Travel Accident Plan.

A final comment

Since it is difficult to predict the future, the company reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate these plans at any time should such action become necessary.

If you have any questions about the information provided in this brochure or your ERISA protection, contact the Plan Administrator or the nearest area office of the U.S. Labor-Management Service Administration, Department of Labor.


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The reader might wish to consult a good dictionary for the definition of "intends" and "necessary"

Has Compaq followed the intent of the plan?

To the author's knowledge, Compaq has never disclosed why terminating disabled employee's benefits was "necessary" or consistent with the fiscal 1994 charge against income.


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